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    As you’d expect, Battlefield V will have plenty of different online game modes, including the newly announced Royale: a 100-player free-for-all along the lines of the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or Fortnite. There’ll also be a single-player campaign, similar in style to Battlefield 1’s fragmented story.

    Between E3 and Gamescom we've had the chance to try out two of the game's classic multiplayer modes: Grand Operations, multi-stage online offensives that take the series’ trademark 32v32 combat to its extreme; and Conquest, the classic control point mode that sees you win by wearing down the opposing team's respawn tickets.

    Let's tackle Grand Operations first. Playing as either the attackers or the defenders, you’ll play through multiple scenarios - each representing a day in the game - with your objectives changing each day depending on the results of the previous encounter.

    It’s a mode that will feel familiar to anyone who played the Operations mode in Battlefield 1, but with an enhanced scope and a promise from developer DICE to explore less familiar fronts of the war. We played through the first two days (though normally you can expect at least three) of a Grand Operation set in frozen Norway, stepping into the shoes of the German defenders trying to hold the lines against an airborne British assault.



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